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  • Where Should Comedians Try Out New Material?

    For a lot of people who want to become comedians, practicing their comedy routines is an important part of developing their comedy acts. If you want your jokes to land and make your audience laugh, you had better be able to practice your jokes in a real setting with a live audience. This is because there are a lot of differences between a live audience and telling your jokes to your friends. And if you would want to become better with your comedy skills, then you had also better try to find a place to practice your comedy routine at. And there is no better place to try out your comedy act than at a comedy club. At these kinds of places, people come to be entertained by comedians. And since they are coming to these clubs and theater places to see a comedy routine, it is the perfect place to displace your jokes to other people. That way you will be able to see if your jokes actually make people laugh or not. And you will also be able to learn a thing or two about yourself as well. Since by performing comedy in front a live audience, you may be able to develop your strengths and work on your weaknesses as a comedian. Nothing beats a live audience when it comes to showing off your new comedy routine. This is because you will have to face their real-time reaction. You will have to deal with either dead silence, awkward laughter or genuine laughter whenever you are telling your jokes. And because you are going to do your comedy routine in real-time, you will also be exposed to the real-time pressures of being on stage as well. Being exposed to those kinds of pressures should allow you to become a better comedian, overall. Having yourself being showcased at a comedy club is much easier than you think. This is because these types of places usually welcome new talents and comedians to try out their routines. There are even open mic nights where you are able to showcase your jokes and improv comedy routine to an audience of people. You may also find a lot of comedy clubs around your area, especially in Orlando. So it should not be too difficult at all to find a place to show off your comedy routine at. The audiences at a comedy club will also be pretty welcoming to new comedians in general as well. If you want to be an entertaining comedian, then you had better practice your material a lot. And there is no better way to practice your comedy routine than in front of a live audience. You should be able to that live audience at a comedy club. Those kinds of places will also have a discerning audience that will be accustomed to other comedians as well. So if you can make an audience laugh at a comedy club, you know that your jokes are truly funny. And that you can make audiences anywhere laugh at your jokes.  

  • 6 Tips For Aspiring Improv Comedians

      Are you an aspiring standup comedian? If you are then you must know how to entertain your crowd and audience properly. There are all sorts of things that you will need to learn if you would actually like to hone your skills as an improv comedian. You are actually going to be able to learn to become better at improv if you follow these tips below. You should keep these tips in mind if you would actually like to become better at entertaining people with your comedy act. Even seasoned comedians will be able to learn a thing or two from these tips as well.

    1. Write down new ideas so you do not forget them.
    Always have a notebook or your phone ready to jot down new ideas. You never know when an idea for a new joke could strike.
    1. Observe the world around you to get new material.
    The world is full of ideas and material that you can add to your routine. You can take examples and inspirations from your own life to create new material for your comedy act.
    1. Talk with other comedians and watch their shows.
    You will need to do this to get inspiration for your comedy acts as well. You may also learn a thing or two from observing other comedians with whatever kind of comedy routine that they have.
    1. Get a feel on the current hot topics in the news.
    If you know the current topics that are happening in the news, then you can create jokes or stories that the audience can relate to. Plus, you can also use the news events as part of your comedy routine as well.
    1. Practice your improv comedy routine.
    Just because it is an improvised comedy act does not mean that you should not practice. You must still try to make use of your free time in order to polish your improv comedy routine. You may end up making it even funnier or smoothening over some mistakes that you had not noticed before.  
    1. Remember there are no mistakes in improv, just opportunities that you can take advantage of.
    If you find yourself or your partner having slipped up you should not gloss or stumble over that small mistake. Instead, you should seize the opportunity and try to turn it as part of your comedy routine. The audience that is watching or listening to you will not be able to tell the difference between the mistake that you have made. All of the best improv comedians have this skill of turning mistakes into opportunities. By following these tips you are sure to become better at improv comedy and standup comedy in general. You do not have to be a beginner yourself, even if you already have a lot of experience doing standup comedy shows yourself, you will still be able to benefit a lot from these tips. And if you are a beginner and still new at improv comedy in general, you should also gain a lot of knowledge from following these tips. If you want to become a successful comedian, then you had better work on your comedy skills right now.

  • Top 8 Comedy Movies Of All Time

    Are you looking to have a good laugh? Then maybe you should watch one of these comedy flicks. These comedy movies have garnered a wide audience and great reviews for a good reason; they are really hilarious to watch. If you want to spend an entertaining time watching funny movies then you should check out one of these films.

    1. The Hangover
    Perhaps one of the most famous comedy movies of recent times, the Hangover follows the adventures of a group of friend as they recover from a Hangover after a crazy night at the casinos in Las Vegas. It might be a better idea if they had gone to and found somewhere fun to play casino games online instead! The comedy comes from the many misadventures that they have done while they were drunk out of their minds. The Hangover has also spawned a few sequels as well.
    1. Shaun of the Dead
    This is a very popular horror-comedy movie that has launched the careers of the actors that have starred in it. It is also a movie that is credited with reviving the zombie movie genre in the early 2000's. In this movie, you get to follow the adventures of Shaun and his friends as they attempt to survive the zombie apocalypse.
    1. American Pie
    This is perhaps a very iconic teen movie about the misadventures of horny American teenagers. A lot of people, especially 90's kids, have probably grown up having watched one of the American Pie films themselves.
    1. Mr. Bean's Holiday
    The Mr. Bean franchise is a very popular British comedy series. And Mr. Bean has also made Rowan Atkinson a household name as well. This movie just exemplifies everything that is funny and heartwarming about Mr. Bean. And it also is a great example of British comedic entertainment as well.
    1. Grown Ups
    Starring some very well-known names in comedy entertainment, you are sure to laugh at the many jokes in this film. There are just all sorts of jokes that will come in all the time when you least expect them. And you would find that this comedy movie will appeal to almost everyone that watches it.
    1. 21 Jump Street
    A reboot of the popular TV series about two cops going undercover at a high school, you are sure to laugh at the antics of the two talented actors and comedians in this movie.
    1. Ted
    This surreal comedy about a talking teddy bear has got a lot of dark jokes to it. But despite approaching such heavy topics, it will still manage to leave your smiling with its many on point jokes.
    1. The 40-year-old virgin
    The story of this film centers on a man who still has his virginity at 40 years of age. While the main character is extremely nerdy and funny to watch, the rest of the cast of this stellar comedy also leads to a lot of the jokes being hilarious. This list is not in any particular order, so the first movie is not necessarily the funniest. You will not go wrong if you decide to watch one of these movies. You are sure to laugh your butt off if you decide to check one of them out.  

  • What Are The Best Comedy Improv Clubs In Orlando?

    Orlando, Florida is more than just a home to Disneyland. There are a ton of different comedy places where you go and have the most fun in your life. Improvised comedy is one of the best comedic routines that you can ever see. And you will be wonderfully entertained if you decide to visit any one of these clubs yourself. Their stand-up comedians are going to leave your sides hurting from all the laughter that you are going to experience. It will be well worth your time to visit one of these comedy places in Orlando, Florida.

    1. AdLib Theater
    If you are looking for improvisational comedy then AdLib Theater should be your go to place. It is famous for the many improv comedians that have graced its stage. And its seats are packed every night with fans of improv comedy who just love watching and listening to the comedians there.
    1. Improve Comedy Club & Dinner Theatre
    Want a meal to go with your live comedy show? Then you should go to this place in Orlando, Florida. It is going to be a fun night for anyone that decides to visit this comedy club. You will be served dinner along with your comedy show that you are watching. And sometimes there even is a theater show as well.
    1. Sak Comedy Lab
    You can find all sorts of up and coming mprov comedians at this place. Sak Comedy Lab features a lot of new comedic talents that you have probably never heard of before. And it can be worth your time to check out this place if you are a big fan of improv comedy in general. You will get to see comedy routines that you have never seen before in the past. And the content at this comedy club is always going to be fresh.
    1. Mama’s Comedy Show
    For people that want a family friendly comedy club then this should be the place that you should go to. The comedic acts and talents that are done at this place are geared towards a younger target audience. And you should be able to bring children along without having to worry about explicit or gross humor. It is really refreshing to hear and see comedy acts that are not overly gross. And if you are a fan of such kinds of comedy then go to Mama's Comedy Show in Orlando.
    1. Bonkerz Comedy Club
    Go to this place if you like to eat a good restaurant as well. Bonkerz also has a great line-up of regular comedians that have got a huge fan base. The staff at the restaurant at this comedy club also provides really excellent service as well.
    1. 3NINE
    Want a cocktail along with your comedy show? If you do, then you should head on over to 3NINE. This improv comedy club has a great bar where you can order all sorts of drinks. And best of all the prices here are actually all quite reasonable. You will love the bartending staff as well. Check out any of these comedy clubs in Orlando, and you may see for yourself the many positive reviews that they have. So you should not hesitate anymore, and go to these comedy locations yourself. Who knows? Even your favorite celebrity comedian is going to be at the show. And you may be able to get a lot of laughter and entertainment by catching one of these comedy shows live. And if you are a standup comedian yourself, you may be able to benefit a lot from visiting these places as well, because you may be able to get new material for your comedy routines.