6 Tips For Aspiring Improv Comedians


Are you an aspiring standup comedian? If you are then you must know how to entertain your crowd and audience properly. There are all sorts of things that you will need to learn if you would actually like to hone your skills as an improv comedian. You are actually going to be able to learn to become better at improv if you follow these tips below.

You should keep these tips in mind if you would actually like to become better at entertaining people with your comedy act. Even seasoned comedians will be able to learn a thing or two from these tips as well.

  1. Write down new ideas so you do not forget them.

Always have a notebook or your phone ready to jot down new ideas. You never know when an idea for a new joke could strike.

  1. Observe the world around you to get new material.

The world is full of ideas and material that you can add to your routine. You can take examples and inspirations from your own life to create new material for your comedy act.

  1. Talk with other comedians and watch their shows.

You will need to do this to get inspiration for your comedy acts as well. You may also learn a thing or two from observing other comedians with whatever kind of comedy routine that they have.

  1. Get a feel on the current hot topics in the news.

If you know the current topics that are happening in the news, then you can create jokes or stories that the audience can relate to. Plus, you can also use the news events as part of your comedy routine as well.

  1. Practice your improv comedy routine.

Just because it is an improvised comedy act does not mean that you should not practice. You must still try to make use of your free time in order to polish your improv comedy routine. You may end up making it even funnier or smoothening over some mistakes that you had not noticed before.

  1. Remember there are no mistakes in improv, just opportunities that you can take advantage of.

If you find yourself or your partner having slipped up you should not gloss or stumble over that small mistake. Instead, you should seize the opportunity and try to turn it as part of your comedy routine. The audience that is watching or listening to you will not be able to tell the difference between the mistake that you have made. All of the best improv comedians have this skill of turning mistakes into opportunities.

By following these tips you are sure to become better at improv comedy and standup comedy in general. You do not have to be a beginner yourself, even if you already have a lot of experience doing standup comedy shows yourself, you will still be able to benefit a lot from these tips. And if you are a beginner and still new at improv comedy in general, you should also gain a lot of knowledge from following these tips. If you want to become a successful comedian, then you had better work on your comedy skills right now.